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Blog Title: do you need to get refrigerant for an air conditioner?

Main Que: Do I have to worry about the refrigerant in an air conditioner I buy?

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  • Query By: DORA DAWSON (David City, CA)
  • Date: 03/18/2014

Answer: Most older air conditioners use a refrigerant called Freon, or R-22, that has been found to be harmful to the environment. Freon is scheduled to be phased out of new units by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2010. During the phase-out period, production of Freon and equipment using it will be reduced and eventually eliminated. As a result, the price of refrigerant needed to service an older air conditioner will increase. In 2010 manufactures will no longer be able to produce equipment that uses R-22. We sell air conditioners that use a refrigerant called R-410A, which has been identified by the EPA as an environmentally friendly replacement for Freon and R-22.

  • Replied By: SHIRLEY ROBINSON (Stamford, IL)
  • Replied Date: 04/29/2014